Corso esuvie odonati

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Corso esuvie odonati

Messaggio da Tiziano » 25 apr 2017

Carissimi tutti, di segutio missima del ricercatore Damjan Vinko relativa ad un corso esuvie.


Dear colleagues,

as promised, I would like to invite you to our first international dragonfly event held in Slovenia this year.

Slovene Dragonfly Society is pleased to announce the Dragonfly Exuviae Identification Workshop that will take place in Slovenia between 2nd and 5th June 2017. Both amateurs and professionals are invited. The four-day workshop is a perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge about exuviae, which are the basic element of many limnology, water ecology and basic dragonfly studies. Participants will investigate dragonfly exuviae both indoors and outdoors and will be introduced to the identification of dragonfly larval cases and their importance in monitoring dragonfly populations and their breeding sites.

The Workshop will be led by a group specialist Cristophe Brochard, also a co-author of photographic guides to the Exuviae and Larvae. For the Workshop you must register here until 20th May. Bare in mind, quick registration provides you the space on the Workshop.

For more information on the Workshop (also registration fee) see the attachment.

Please also share this announcement with others interested in dragonflies.

Regards and hope to see you at one of our international events this year,

Damjan Vinko

P.S.: The preparation for the 7th Balkan OdonatOlogical Meeting (BOOM 2017) has also already started. As you may know, it will be held from 4th to 11th August 2017. Participants will have the opportunity to investigate dragonfly fauna of two Slovene regions and to cooperate with several odonatologists from the region. Formal announcement will be send in May.

On 11th August our Society will also held a picnic in behalf of its 25 year of establishment at which you are all also very welcome!
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